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The efficiency of employees is determined hugely by the workplace environment. Therefore, keeping the office clean and maintaining it such that it radiates discipline and calmness is essential to your workers’ performance. A well-planned cleaning schedule comes in handy in ensuring that the task is done well and on time.

Red Light Clean is a company that can provide you with professional commercial cleaning services to businesses, corporations, and government buildings. At reasonable pricing, we save you from the hassle of finding a reliable janitor and keeping the cleanliness and order in check.

In this write-up, we bring you an essential checklist that you need to ensure that the office is cleaned well. So let’s get straight to it.


Desks and Cubicles

People sit and work on their respective desks and in cubicles. Keeping them cleaned facilitates them in developing an organized work environment and eventually improves performance. We pay special attention to this area.

We ensure that there is no dust on the computer and system and that each part is cleaned correctly. We empty the trash cans and recycle the papers.

If there is any litter lying around on the floor, we collect it and dump it outside. From windows to desks, shelves and chairs are all disinfected. Many people customize their cabins by putting a small plant, pictures, or decorative hangings. We make sure that these things are cleaned but handled with care.



Kitchens are used a lot in the offices. People need to stay refreshed and active at work, and so often, tea or coffee is getting brewed in it. Besides, people hang out and enjoy themselves in break rooms, so these spots need to be kept clean and fresh all day long.

Our janitors ensure that the food wrappers are discarded, and the trash bin is emptied. Furthermore, they also clean the coffee pot, kettle, and other essential utensils. The refrigerator is cleaned of old food, and the areas and all their equipment are properly sanitized.


Restroom and Bathroom

Bathrooms need to be kept cleaned and disinfected. Our janitors make sure that your restroom and washroom are cleaned multiple times a day. We take care of placing the essentials like tissue and soaps if you run out of them.

The sinks, toilets, and mirrors are all properly cleaned. From floors to door handles, everything is sanitized.



We take up the responsibility of cleaning the floors of the whole office. We make sure that it has nothing spilled on it, and they are disinfected with good quality antibacterial soap and detergent.



Windows are an excellent sight-seeing spot. People stand by it and chill together, sipping their tea or while smoking. We make sure that the windows of your building are kept clean. We use unique glass cleaning products that give them a shine. We use disinfectant on the window frame too.



Reception is the central spot of your office. From employees to clients, everyone passes by it and you ought to make sure that it is kept cleaned and looks pleasant all the time. Our cleaners don’t just clean the desk and floors around the place well but also empty the trash bins placed.


The area outside the office

The porch and parking lot outside the main building need to be kept cleaned and cleared too. Many people pass by it, and it needs to reflect well on your brand image. Bank on us to keep it well-maintained.


Contact us

While keeping your commercial building cleaned is essential, it is crucial to maintain it well. So if you want your office to give off a contemporary professional look, reach out to us today!

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