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With the hit of Covid last year, many businesses didn’t know or couldn’t adapt to the changing protocols in order to stay open while keeping employees and customers healthy and safe. Many small businesses were hit hard due to this nationwide quarantine, and many are still struggling to pick up the pieces and get back to serving their community. Red Light Clean in Tampa, Florida, knows how important it is for you to reopen your business safely, and that’s why we’re the trusted commercial cleaners for your Florida disinfecting jobs.   

Safety First

Although a vaccine is actively being released and given to many Americans, there is still a large chunk of time when masks and social distancing are still going to be required. Many people will have to build up an immunity and trust others to be around other vaccinated loved ones before the mask mandate will be lifted, which can take till almost the end of the year. This means businesses will have to continue their extra, rigorous cleaning schedules as before until there is an “all clear”. This means you will have to be extra vigilant in your cleaning and safety protocols for the foreseeable future until there is a gain in normalcy.  

Commercial Cleaning

It may seem daunting knowing that you will have to provide extra cleaning and disinfecting services for a greater length of time, but there is good news on that front. Many viruses, like Covid, are easily destroyed by alcohols such as ethanol and 2-propanol. These two cleaners’ effectiveness is comparable to many other oxidizing cleaning agents found in other deep cleaning systems, giving your business a thorough cleaning, while offering a full disinfection of surfaces from over 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including MRSA, flu, salmonella and E coli. Having these alcohol-based cleaners in pump sprays and nozzles allow for easy and thorough application. These sprayers and nozzles are perfect for high-touch and contact surfaces, such as door handles and knobs, light switches, elevator buttons, stair railings and many other surfaces throughout your business. The electrostatic technology in the cleaners allows it to properly stick to many surfaces, allowing for even applications that won’t easily smudge or wipe away. And while this cleaner is tough on germs, it’s easy on your skin. These disinfectants carry the EPA’s highest grade for safety and non-toxicity. It generates no harmful residues, no toxic byproducts, and no harsh or irritating fumes, which is perfect for many businesses in keeping it’s employees and customers clean, safe and happy.   

Our Services

Here at Red Light Clean, we offer many varying cleaning services to help you keep your business open and clean. We provide daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleanings. We can provide an initial clean if you are entering the facilities for the first time, a deep clean if it’s in need of a good scrubbing, or a surface cleaning and as a trash cleanup service. You can book us for your special or annual parties as well, such as holiday and Christmas parties or corporate parties. We clean anything from offices, leisure clubs, kitchens, medical buildings, churches and more!   

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Ready to stay on top of your business’s operations by hiring a commercial cleaner? Red Light Clean can help! Located in Tampa, we service central and south Florida with ease. Call us today!    

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